Magnetic Cell Seeding

Magnetic seeding is a new patented technology to transform the thrombogenic surface of vascular implants into a biologised antithrombogenic surface within a few minutes. It is specially suitable to cover the inner surface of tubular implants (e.g. grafts, stents) with virtually any kind of vascular cell.

Vacuzell´s patented seeding technology consists of three simple steps:

Magnetic cell seeding1. Magnetic Cell Labelling 

Prior to seeding, vascular cells are labeled with magnetic nanoparticles. There is a large number of suitable carriers available for clinical use. The labeling process occurs under regular culture conditions. Nanoparticles are rapidly uptaken by vascular cells with no adverse effect on cell viability and function.

2. Magnetic Cell Seeding

A specially designed magnetic force delivers the cells directly onto the luminal surface of the target tubular implant. As soon as cell attachment to the surface occurs, the magnetic field is no longer required and the culture may continue according to customary conditions. Through successive seeding steps, cells may also be assembled into multiple layers mimicking the natural blood vessel architecture.

3. Quality Control

In clinical applications it is crucial to validate the integrity of the seeded cell layer prior to implantation. Magnetic cell seeding allows you to assess non-invasively the cell coating in a conventional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) scanner.