The Solution: the Endothelizer®


The Endothelizer® is a stand-alone, versatile and user-friendly cell-seeding equipment which enables the user to coat the inner surface of tubular structures with vascular cells.

Among its multiple applications, the Endothelizer® can be used to cover the inner surface of vascular grafts with endothelial cells to improve their biocompatibility, or to fabricate vascular tissue models for drug or implant screening experiments.

The versatility of the Endothelizer® enables users to choose among a wide variety of cells, carriers and scaffolds to best match the requirements of each experiment.


Key features 

cell variety  

Versatile seeding to address all relevant vascular cell types

The Endothelizer® is suitable for all relevant cell types including endothelial cells, smooth muscle cells and fibroblasts.

  Homogenous seeding  

Homogeneous cell coating of tubular structures

Cells are allocated uniformly over the entire target surface, maximizing cell usage and delivering the homogeinity required for the most demanding applications.


Suitable for monolayer or multilayer applications

The Endothelizer® allows you to perform consecutive seeding steps to succesively deposit cell layers onto target surface.

  MRI imaging  

Non-invasive quality control via MRI scanning

Assess your scaffold after the seeding process on a conventional MRI scanner to confirm non-invasively the quality of your sample.


Efficient & rapid seeding procedures

The rapid deposition of the cells onto the target surface allows you to maximize seeding efficiency, preserving cell viability and optimizing cell usage.


Automated and configurable

Select a predefined seeding program or customize your experiment by defining specific seeding parameters to best meet your requirements.

User friendly  

User friendly

The touch display provides a user-friendly interface to navigate intuitively through the Endothelizer® menus and to follow the progress of your seeding program.


Keep track of your experiments

The log book will allow you to keep a reliable track record of your experiments.